Friday, 11 January 2013

A shocking real story: Acid thrown on 23-year-old B.Tech graduate

At 23, J Vinodhini was her parents’ only pillar of support. When she joined an engineering college in Karaikal district in Puducherry for a B.Tech. (information technology) course, her parents, Jayapal and Saraswati, sold their small plot of ancestral property to finance her education. They too moved to Karaikal, where Jayapal got a job as a watchman at a school.

About three months back, Vinodhini joined a private company in Chennai after completing her education, bringing hope and joy to her parents. But all their dreams shattered on November 14, when Vinodhini suffered an acid attack by a spurned suitor that has left her blind in both her eyes.

The accused has been identified as Suresh Kumar, alias Appu, 32, an engineering diploma holder who runs a business renting out concrete mixer machine. Kumar had reportedly expressed an interest in Vinodhini, after which she had informed her parents. Jayapal had complained to the local police, who summoned Kumar and issued a warning. He was made to give a written assurance that he would not trouble Vinodhini.

On November 14, Vinodhini, accompanied by Jayapal and a family friend, Padmanabhan, was on her way to the bus station at about 10:30 pm when Kumar reportedly threw acid on her. Having gone home for Diwali, Vinodhini was to return to Chennai that night. Kumar has since been arrested.

Vinodhini suffered 40 per cent burns in the acid attack, including injuries to her face, chest and hand. Both her eyes were severely damaged. Jayapal and Padmanabhan were also injured in the attack. Kumar himself suffered 10 per cent burn injuries.

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