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Top 10 Cydia apps - Iphones

When it comes to best Cydia apps for iOS 5 there are a few good ones which can provide you with a completely different iPhone experience.

The iOS 5 from Apple is perhaps one of the latest sensations which have hit the world of extreme technology recently and with the facility of best Cydia apps for iOS 5, now there are quite a few applications that one can get in the list for top jailbreak apps for iOS 5. But since the world is very competitive, not all can make it into the best and therefore, only the best of the lot shall be eligible to clam the top 10 spots in such case.

Here is a quick 10 on top jailbreak apps for iOS 5:

1. MultiIcon Mover App: iPhone is a house of tons of applications and the same can be flooded with pages at the same time where one will face the need to keep the most used ones in upfront. Though the iPhone supports the same but multiple icons cannot be moved in a single time which makes the whole process lengthy and frustrating. The MultiIcon Mover App allows this function, where multiple icons can be placed from one place to another in a single time.

2. The Frash App: One of the most needed things on the iPhone is a flash player which can allow the users to run flash files on their iPhone. However, there is a solution to this problem in form of the Frash App which solves the problem of a flash player. The Player can support flash files while browsing safari but sadly, the same does not works for videos.

3. The LockInfo App: The LockInfo is a single solution program with respect to notifications on the iDevice. The application works on the basis of allowing all the notification to appear under a single window of the user interface which allows easier operations in respect of notifications and information. The application is available at $ 7. 99 at the Cydia store.

4. The BiteSMS App: The top jailbreak apps for iOS 5 are rather incomplete without any interesting visuals treat. The BiteSMS app allows a user to have a better option in respect of graphics involved in text messages as the original version of texts are very ordinary. The application has a ton lot of features which ranges from emoticons to quick mail composition, templates, passcode lock, signature, etc. The latest price of this app in Cydia store is $6.74.

5. The Wi-Fi Sync App: The Wi-Fi Sync App is a modern day mechanism which allows a person to connect the device to the iTunes in absence of a USB connection. The application works on the basis of Wi-Fi connectivity which directly connects the iDevice to the iTunes application on the computer. The cost of such app is currently about $2.99 from the Cydia store and allows easier operations than in case if USB operations.

6. My 3G App: Another sensation from the house of Cydia is the My 3G app which allows the users to make a face time call via Wi-Fi. Moreover, this application is a trick based application which allows the users’ device to believe that the same is connected to a Wi-Fi in place of a 3G connection. The same application is again chargeable @ $3.99.

7. The MyWi App: The MyWi Application is again one of the best Cydia App for iOS 5 which allows the user to convert their iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot which allows a person use Wi-Fi and 3G connections. The same is chargeable @ $19.99 from the Cydia Store.

8. The InfiniFolders App: The earlier version of iOS in form of iOS 4 saw the arrival of additional folders in the springboard which was a pleasant surprise for the Apple users, but the same with time grew unsatisfactory as it could only accommodate about twelve applications into one single folder. But now thanks to the Cydia store which provides InfiniFolders App which makes it possible for the users to store as many applications as they desire. The application is however chargeable @ $1.99 in the Cydia store.

9. The Winterboard App: This is another brilliant application from the jail break house which provides the users with an option to customize the themes on their devices which includes customization of user interface, springboard, the lock screen and others. There is a huge amount of modification options available in this application.

10. The SBSettings App: To begin with, one of the best Cydia Apps for iOS 5 is the SBSettings which ensures easy operations while customizing the setting option in your iOS 5. The App allows the person to modify the present settings directly from the springboard itself which makes the task of operating the iPhone easier.
Thus, these were the best Cydia apps for iOS 5 which though only work on the jailbroken iPhone but no doubt render many utilities to the users.

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