Saturday, 22 October 2011

Facts About India’s Child Population

India is rich in its children. With a child population of 44o million and another 26 million being added every year, India is the youngest country in the world. However the economic progress made in the recent past has not filtered into the social sector.

  • In India today, one out of every two children under 3 years of age is malnourished.
  • Half of all Indian children are not in school.
  • India has 420 million kids. That’s more than the US and UK combined.
  • One in four Indian girls are sexually abused before the age of 4.
  • 52% of girls aged 6-10 are out of school.
  • 48% of boys aged 6-10 are out of school.

There are thousands and thousands of children in the slums of Kolkata who have never gone to school, do not have any basic training, no proper shelter and no sanitation.

Thanks: slumstoschool


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