Thursday, 27 December 2012

Ilr applications UKBA - preparations & delays

If you are in the UK, and about to apply for your or to your dependents Indefinite leave to remain in one of the set routes, then this is of paramount that you must read the below before you apply.

Due to the volume of applications and reductions in the UKBA staffs, DELAYS in processing the applications become very common and of course you will be stranded and cannot track the process of your application before your it is 6 months older and in some cases longer.

Reading the responses from UKBA, I would like to share a few data for your knowledge,

  • UK Border Agency does not have standards for sending acknowledgement letters, however they aim to issue these as soon as possible after receipt of an application
  • UK Border Agency does not have standards for sending biometric appointment letters, however they aim to issue these as soon as possible after receipt of an application.
  • UKBA do not acknowledge letters requesting for a case to be expedited. If the applicant fails to meet the criteria to have the case expedited, a letter will be sent to the applicant informing them of our decision. If the applicant meets the criteria, depending on where the case is in the process, it may be quicker to conclude the case and inform the applicant of the outcome of their application therefore a letter will not be sent in all cases but we endeavour to keep the applicant or their representative fully informed.

Important steps beyond the UKBA giudance that you must do to avoid the delays,
  1. Ensure that you have downloaded the latest application before your submission, read the completed application for mistakes, especially the payment section. Ensure that your bank account has adequate money in it; keep copy of your application and the documents you submit with it.
  2. Never apply through post, book your PEO appoints via on line (at least 8-6 weeks prior to your visa expires) at one of the UKBA public enquiry offices.
  3. In case if you can't get hold of a PEO appointment, some suggest to try for appointments in the midnights regularly for a few days to get the cancelled ones which would be updated in the midnights. Try to get one through solicitors if you can afford. 
  4. If you choose to apply through post, then go  through in person through the settlement checking service, so that you can retain your originals with you all the time (trust me otherwise you will be worried sick during your application is awaiting considerations); keep record of copies of your post receipt, date and time.
  5. If you require help in order to gain information from the UKBA, the best route would be whatdtheyknow, this website hold valuable responses from the UKBA in relation to immigration. 
Please let us know your suituation, we will share the information we have which may assist you.
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