Sunday, 30 December 2012

Visitig london fireworks event on newyear eve - must read this

The night skies will be a blaze of light and colour on Monday 31 December 2012 with a display of stunning pyrotechnics by the London Eye on the famous South Bank.

Be aware of the thugs who would also want to take advanatage of the crowd gatherings and easy pickings; we heard of stories of people been mugged by groups of youngsters not once but twice in the same day at the new year eve fireworks event nearby southbank. So be cautious and safe.
Follow the tips given below TO BE SAFE than SORRY: 

  • Arrive at your destination well ahead of time and leave immediately after the event
  • Familiarise with your locations andavailable transport facilities
  • Park your cars at a safe and designated place
  • Never leave your friends or family
  • Never take your valuables at others reach or leave unattended; especially phones, wallets, cameras.
  • Leave the place immediately or call for help if you notice anything suspecious
  • If possible stay at hotels or b&b and avoid journeys after the event (I know it might be expensive)


Stay away from the thugs and have a great time.
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