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Bermuda Triangle Mysterious Facts

Mysterious Facts:

An imaginary area located off the southeastern Atlanticcoast of the United States of America,assumed to run from Bermuda to Puerto Rico to Miamiand back to Bermuda.

Argosy magazine article in 1964 named ‘The Bermuda Triangle’, many strange and unnatural disappearances occurred in the BT, some of mysterious facts about BT are given below:
  • In last twenty five years alone, about seventy five aircraft and hundreds of pleasure yachts are disappeared with out leaving any wreckage or bodies.

  • US Navy Lost USS Cyclops in March     1918 and Aircraft of Flight 19 in December 1945, the causes could have     been un expected storm and ran out of fuel but no physical traces of them     have ever been found
  • Civilian tanker SS Marine     Sulfur Queen in February 1963 and its wreckages couldn’t be located     so far but life preserver and some floating aircrafts were recovered lately.

  • First man in history, Joshua     Slocum who completed sailing 46000 miles journey in 1895 around the world was     stopped at Miami for supplies during his one man trip to west indies in     1909, his next route took him in to BT but he was never been spotted after     that.

  • Some believes magnetic compass     at BT will point at true north instead of magnetic north, the amount of     the difference between these two varies around the world as much as 60     degrees.

  • 1000 lives in last 100 years were     taken by BT and many of them are claimed due to human errors.

Popular theories explaining the mysterious facts are:

Compass variation: due to thecompass variations ships and planes get lost in the triangle

Electronic fog: Strong electronicfogs appear from no where and swallow the ships and planes without leaving any physicaltraces behind

Pathway for another world: Somebelieves that ships and planes travelling across BT are sucked in to otherplanets because it is a short magnetic path to reach other planets; this theoryis supported by them with some evidences of spotted alien flying spaceships inBT area.

Methane Gas: Through thesea floor eruption, the trapped methane gas can cause the fire in plane flyingacross to blow out completely, and lower the density of water to sink the ships.

Supernatural: Somesupernatural theories provide alternatives to solve the mystery.

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