Friday, 2 September 2011

Great Wall of China: Interesting Facts:

Interesting Facts:

• 7th century BC: Construction of the Great Wall begun by feudal warlords
• 221- 206BC, the first Emperor Qin Shihuang linked the walls of the three states in the
• Since then, the Great Wall was rebuilt, modified or extended throughout Chinese history
for over 2,000 years by millions of Chinese people drafted in fro the task.
• The latest construction took place 1368-1644 and the length was then over 6,000 km.
This is the wall often referred to when we talk about the Great Wall.
• If all the fortified walls built in the different dynasties around northern China are included,
the total length would exceed 50,000 kilometers (31,000 miles).
• Other defensive works such as forts passes and beacon towers were built along the Wall
to house auxiliary soldiers, store grain and weapons, and transmit military information.
• Most visited section: Badaling (63,000,000 visitors in 2001)
• The average height of the Great Wall is 7.8 meters/26 ft.
• The Great Wall was built with bricks made of sand, macadam and lime.
• People died during the construction of the Great Wall was said in some books that the
300,000. However, this is still a controversial question on history.
• The longest fortification ever built

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