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The World’s Deadliest Natural Disasters Ever

Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, epidemicsand tsunamis are natural disasters that have claimed millions of lives anddestroyed billions of properties and livelihood worldwide.

The worst epidemic to hit the world is the Black Death of Europeand Asia that occurred from 1347 to 1380s.This epidemic, which is also known as Bubonic Plague, killed approximately 75million people.

Here arethe 20 worst natural calamities in history that killed thousands and thousandsof people.

1.)  FLOOD: The Yellow River or Huang He flood in China destroyedbillion worth of properties and livelihood and killed 3.7 million people inAugust 1931. It is the worst flood in recorded history.

2.)  FLOOD: An earlier flood that occurred in theYellow River of China in the spring of 1883 killed 1.5 million people.

3.) EARTHQUAKE: A killer earthquake that rocked Near East and the Mediterranean region on May 20, 1202killed 1.1 million people and leaving thousands of homeless families.It’s the deadliest earthquake so far.

4.) CYCLONE: The Cyclone of 1970 that hit Bangladeshon November 13, 1970 killed about 1 million people. This cyclone with winds ofover 190 km/h is also known as Bhota Cyclone. It’s the worst cyclone inrecorded history.

5.)  EARTHQUAKE: A killer quake that hit Shenshi, Chinaon February 2, 1556 killed 820,000 people and leaving thousands of homelessfamilies.

6.)  FLOOD: A flood that occurred in the Netherlands onNovember 1, 1530 killed 400,000 people. It’s by far the worst flood tohit Europe.

7.)  FLOOD: A flood in Kaifeng, Chinakilled 300,000 people in 1642.

8.) CYCLONE: A cyclone in Bengal, Indiakilled 300,000 people on October 7, 1737

9.) EARTHQUAKE: Four 4 days later, an earthquake struck Calcutta, Indiaon October 11, 1737 killing 300,000 people.

10.) CYCLONE: On November 25, 1839, a cyclone hit Coringa, Indiaand killed 300,000 people.

11.) CYCLONE: In Vietnam, 300,000 people also werekilled by a cyclone on October 8, 1881.

12.) EARTHQUAKE: An earthquake that hit Antioch, Syriaon May 20, 526 AD killed 250,000

13.)  EARTHQUAKE: Another killer quake that struck Tang Shan, Chinaon July 28, 1976 killed 242, 419 people.

14.)  CYCLONE: A cyclone that hit Bengal, Indiaon October 31, 1876 killed 200,000 people.

15.) EARTHQUAKE: An earthquake that rocked Nan Shan, Chinaon May 22, 1927 killed 200,000 people.

16.) FLOOD: A flood, killing 200,000 people occurredin Henan, China in September to November1939.

17.) FLOOD: Another 200,000 people died in a floodin Bengal, India in 1876.

18.) EARTHQUAKE: An earthquake that hit Yeddo, Japanon December 30, 1703 killed 190,000 people.

19.) TSUNAMI: The deadliest tsunami in the worldhappened on December 26, 2004 in the Indian Ocean hitting Southeast Asia and killing 186,983 people.

20.) EARTHQUAKE: The last on the list is an earthquakethat occurred in Kansu, China on December 16, 1920. Thedeadly quake killed 180,000 people.

The 2010 Haiti Earthquake thatoccurred in Haition January 12, 2010 killed 230,000 people.
In addition, the worst famine that ever hit the world is the Great Chinese Famine from 1958 to1961 in Chinawith a death toll ranging from 15,000,000–43,000,000.

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